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Po Shun Corporation has been established in Hong Kong since 1980, with 30 years' experience and expertise

In audio manufacturing, today our company not only specialized in audio items, but is also eagerly developing ranges of high quality and innovative consumer electronic products.

Our company designs and produces high quality consumer electronics items in competitive prices. Include audio products such as Radios, and Radio Cassette Recorders, CD Players, Watches & Clocks, Lighting Products such as Torches and Emergency Lanterns as well. We emphasis on product quality and after-sale service brings us high reputation in the consumer electronics industry. Apart from business interests, we also pay attention in educating and nurturing talents in the industry. Our company was once collaborated with Guangdong Ocean University (formerly Zhanjiang Ocean University) in Mainland China to hold a mutual beneficial exchange programme. The university provided research & development supports to us, while we offered valuable on-site training opportunities to 160 graduates each year as a return. Our company have 3 factories located in Zhongshan, China. Totally, we have 16 production lines, 30 experienced engineers and about 300 trained workers. Our aims is to meet all the customers' requirements and developing more unique high quality products for the future.

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